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Paying Her Debt

Paying Her Debt

Description : Paying Her Debt
Andy placed her hand against the small of her back and slowly, so it was almost unnoticeable, stretched it out. She swore she could feel the muscles pop like the of a cheap stripper, probably protesting that they were long since overdue for a break. She rotated her spine, before bending over to pick up another box. Damn, they were heavy. The weighty jars of expensive caviar strained her arms, the edges of the box cutting into the delicate skin below the crook of her bicep.

She shifted and pulled the top of the box open. The cardboard sprung up, almost smacking her in the face. She bent it down, cursed under her breath, and started to remove them, the ache in her arm bing more pronounced by the second. Sure, she could keep the box on the floor and unpack the caviar that way, but her back wasn’t up to another hour of constant up and down. This, though painful, was the quickest way to get the job done.

She sighed, her mind skipping to her lumpy bed at home. It was as ufortable as hell but she’d give just about anything to be able to crawl into it right now. Darn, she’d take a ratty old chair at this point and be grateful for it. Anything to ease the ache in her muscles. Keep dreaming, Andy baby.

Her gaze strayed to the clock above the store entrance, and she was slightly shocked to see the hour. Just after three, another two hours of her shift to go—she’d kind of hoped it would be at least four by now. Andy grabbed another jar of caviar and frowned. This would make what? Another fifteen hour day? Yes, she’d started work at the hotel before two this morning, finished...