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Possesed by the Highlander

Possesed by the Highlander

Description : Possesed by the Highlander
“’T is said that her breasts fill a man’s hand with their creamy fullness.”

“Or his mouth!” another in the back shouted.

“I heard the tale that her legs can circle a man’s girth and pull him into heaven’s very grasp.” This from the youngest of the group. “And her hair falls in raven waves down her back.” Duncan swore he could hear an almost wistful longing in the voice of a boy on the verge of manhood.

“Nay, ’tis the palest of blond hair,” called out another.

“I heard as red as…Hamish’s!” said Tavis.

They laughed at that bit of overblown if confused imagery, but the chuckling quieted quickly and Duncan realized they were all thinking the same thing.

“Aye, laddie,” Hamish called out then as he tossed his head, making his dark red hair flow down his back. “And I heard the tale that her hair was all that covered the lass’s charms when she were caught by her da, the old laird, wi’ two men or mayhap three in her bed.”

Duncan was tempted to warn them off, but Hamish began singing just then. It was a quick little tune that was familiar to all of them, but Hamish changed a few of the words and turned it into something bawdy about the sexual delights offered by the woman in the Robertson clan called the Harlot as well as her various physical attributes. Duncan let a few more minutes of merriment to go by before he finally intervened.

“’Tis one thing to say such things among...