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Description : Rapture
Michael and Lily’s Wedding


Lily had looked stunning as she walked down the aisle towards my nervous as hell brother Michael.

Along with my brothers, I’d spent most of the day having fun at Michael’s expense, which probably hadn’t helped with Michael’s nerves any.

A grin spreads across my face as I watch the reception crowd. Thinking back to earlier in the day when the four of us were bugging Michael, his lips tight with frustration as we teased him about Lily getting cold feet and running.

Michael had gone white and dropped rather abruptly onto the chair behind him. Lucien had made for the exit before Michael decided to react to our teasing by asking him where he was going. Laughter had filled the room as Lucien replied, ‘to ask Lily to run off with me,’ and Michael’s face had changed from white to red.

Eventually, mom had appeared and clouted us all across the back of our heads like she used to do when we were kids. Her calming presence had put a stop to the teasing. Yeah, Mom still had it in her to keep us all in order, despite the fact that the five of us towered over her these days.

The fact was you only had to look at Lily with Michael to see how much she loved him. They were ‘it’ for each other, and with Lily being pregnant, well, that was an added bonus. One I was actually looking forward to – being an uncle.

Spotting Lily alone for the first time during the day, I walk over to her. “Hey, beautiful.” She really is beautiful, with her hair swept up, pearls in her ears and around her neck.

“Sebastian, you look handsome,” she replies, her arms wrapping around my waist as she gives me a quick hug.

Stepping back, she continues to look at me – and look at me some more...