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Ready for You

Ready for You

Description : Ready for You

Eight Years Ago

All I could see was blue and white. It stretched out beyond my field of vision, epassing the grassy terrainpletely, as if the entire football field had exploded into a sea of satin.

I was a high school graduate—finally.

Proud parents hugged their sons or daughters, congratulating their success with wishes for bright, happy futures. My fellow graduates had banded together, standing united on that vast green grass, feeling proud and utterly relieved. We had finally made it. Twelve years were behind us, and we had nothing but endless possibilities in our future. I smiled at the thought. There was only one person I wanted in my future, both imminently and permanently.

As my parents took what was probably the hundredth picture, I saw her. Chocolate-brown hair tumbled down her back, contrasting against the stark white robe she wore. When her gaze turned upward, our eyes locked briefly from across the field, and she smiled.

Mia Emerson. My Mia.

She’d been the first girl I noticed freshman year and the only girl I’d paid attention to since. She was my world, and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. It wasn’t exactly the life our parents had imagined for us, and I knew they would disagree with the plans we’d made, but everything would work out. With Mia by my side, everything would always work out.

Tomorrow was the beginning of us.

With slight hesitation, she shyly walked up to my large group of family members laughing and talking loudly. She was always a bit timid around my parents even though she had no reason to be. My mother and father adored her, and nothing would change that, not even the bomb we were about to drop tomorrow morning.

“Mia!” my mom said, greeting her enthusiastically, while pulling...