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Reckless Night in Rio

Reckless Night in Rio

Description : Reckless Night in Rio
‘WHO is the father of your baby, Laura?’

Holding her six-month-old baby on her hip, Laura Parker had been smiling with pride and pleasure across her family’s two-hundred-year-old farmhouse, lit with swaying lights and filled with neighbors and friends for her sister’s evening wedding reception. Now, pushing up her black-rimmed glasses, Laura faced her younger sister with a sinking feeling in her heart.

Who is the father of your baby?

People rarely asked that question anymore, since Laura always refused to answer. She’d started to hope the scandal might be over.

‘Will you ever tell?’ Becky’s face was unhappy beneath her veil. At nineteen, her sister was an idealistic new bride with romantic dreams of right and wrong. ‘Robby deserves a father.’

Trying to control the anguish in her heart, Laura kissed her son’s dark hair, so soft, and smelling of baby shampoo. She said in a low voice, ‘We’ve talked about this.’

‘Who is he?’ her sister cried. ‘Are you ashamed of him? Why won’t you tell?’

‘Becky!’ Laura glanced uneasily at the reception guests around them. ‘I told you… I don’t…’ She took a deep breath. ‘I don’t know who he is.’

Her sister stared at her tearfully. ‘You’re lying. There’s no way you’d sleep around like that. You’re the one who convinced me to wait for true love!’

The people closest to them...