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Rock Chick Regret

Rock Chick Regret

Description : Rock Chick Regret
Loads of Practice


The elevator pinged and I looked out into the plushly carpeted hall.

I took a deep breath.

As I let it out, I stepped one perfectly high, slingback, stiletto heel shod foot soundlessly on the carpet. I turned right and walked the ten steps (I counted) to the door.

There was a brass plaque on the door, it said, “Nightingale Investigations.”

Before I could chicken out, I turned the sleek knob and pushed the door open.

I knew there would be no balloons falling or streamers streaming, heralding my happily anticipated arrival but I didn’t expect the intensity of the weingmittee.

Or, one could say, unweingmittee.

Shirleen Jackson was sitting behind the gleaming, polished, blond-wood reception desk. Standing in front of it was Stella Gunn and Kai Mason.

I knew Shirleen and I knew she knew my father and furthermore I suspected she did a happy dance when he was handed a fifteen year sentence. Therefore, I expected her face to turn to stone when she saw me (and it did).

I knew Stella Gunn and Kai Mason because they were famous. Their romance had played out in the papers and on local news and I’d watched it with avid fascination along with the rest of Denver.

All of them looked at me, none of them smiled.

I walked through the door and it fell closed behind me so I could see the rest of the room.

Luke Stark was leaning against the desk and his head came up from studying a manila folder. When he saw me, his face went blank and his eyes went cold.

I stopped myself from swallowing and, as per normal (as I’d had...