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Rock Chick Renegade

Rock Chick Renegade

Description : Rock Chick Renegade

Well, I guessed eventually it woulde to this. It wasn’t like I wasn’t expecting it. I knew when I started this crusade that something like this could happen, probably would happen, and here I was, in a dead end alley, facing down Vance Crowe.

Shit, Lee Nightingale’s tracker.

Of all the f**king bad luck.

Rumor on the street, Crowe was third inmand at Nightingale Investigations, after Lee and Lee’s right hand man, Luke Stark.

This was saying a lot, considering all the men employed by Nightingale Investigations were the crème de la crème of private investigations, security, surveillance, bond skip tracing with a small dose of head-cracking thrown in for shits and giggles. In fact, Nightingale, Stark and Crowe had a guns-drawn, facedown with some low-life drug dealer at a society party just a month ago. Crowe had blown off the guy’s hand.

Rumor had a lot of things about Vance Crowe, in fact, I knew two women who’d had a couple of things from Crowe, by their reports, very good things, though he didn’t stick around to give them more than a couple very good things, much to their dismay.

“Put your gun down,” Crowe said to me.

“Back off,” I returned, keeping my gun aimed at him.

I wasn’t going to shoot him, of course. I was anti-violence that was one of the reasons why I was in this mess in the first place.

He kept walking toward me, unarmed and apparently unafraid.

I took aim at his Harley. It would kill me to harm the Harley but I’d do it.

“Shoot my bike, there’ll be consequences,”...