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Rock with Me

Rock with Me

Description : Rock with Me
“You know,” Meg announces to the room at large. “You didn’t all need toe help. I don’t have that much stuff. Leo and Will could have handled the big stuff.”

We are gathered at Will Montgomery’s house, helping him move his girlfriend, Megan in with him. I’ve grown to love these people. My brother marrying into the Montgomery family might have been the best thing he ever did.

Damn Luke, for always getting it right. I glance across Will’s impressive living room where I’m trying to decide where one of Meg’s brightly colored paintings should be hung and eye my brother as he kisses his pretty brunette wife on the cheek. Natalie is the best, and I’m so happy that she’s forgiven me for being a bitch to her when I first met her. Not that I’m all that sorry for it. I had my reasons. But Nat is fantastic.

She’s my best friend.

“Thanks so much for volunteering me,” Leo, Meg’s brother, mutters. “Why didn’t we hire apany again?”

I grin to myself and turn my back on the room, focusing on the wall and the artwork in my hands. I’m in a room with Leo Nash. The Leo Nash. He’s only the hottest rock star in the country. And he’s sexy as hell.

And he’s been watching me all day.

Will and Leo continue to grumble about doing all the heavy lifting, earning glares from Meg. God, she’s funny.

And I guarantee not one of us girls is going toplain about watching Leo, Nate and the Montgomery brothers lift heavy objects. Holy hot men.

“So, Sam,” Leo saunters...