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Safe with Me

Safe with Me

Description : Safe with Me
“Why do we have to go to daddy’s house?” Maddie asks from the back seat of my SUV, her small arms crossed over her chest, holding her dolly tightly against her and her face scrunched in a scowl.

“Because it’s Thanksgiving,” I reply patiently. “Your daddy wants to see you for the holiday.”

“I don’t want to go,” Josie joins in, mirroring her twin sister’s pose, and I sigh deeply, scrubbing my hands over my face as I wait for the light to turn green.

“It’s only until Saturday,” I remind them while doing my best to ignore the pit in my stomach. I don’t want them to go either. Their dad only sees them on holidays or their birthday, if he shows up at all. Of course they don’t want to go stay with him.

They don’t know him.

As I pull up to Jeff’s small house in a suburb of Chicago, three men hurry out his front door and jump into a dark SUV parked in the circular driveway. Just before they pull off, one of the men glances back at us.

I cut the engine and frown as I watch the vehicle take off at a fast clip down the street. My flags are red and flying all over the place in my head.

I glance back at the girls. “Stay here for a second while I go make sure your dad is ready for you, okay?”

They both just frown at me, their dark brown eyes looking all forlorn and sad, and I frown back at them. “Stop being sad. Your dad loves you guys. You’ll have fun.”

They just shrug as I step out of the car and walk up to his front door. I glance over my shoulder, curious who...