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Screaming in the Silence

Screaming in the Silence

Description : Screaming in the Silence
I felt the vibration before I realized what it was. I saw the pitch black interior before I realized where I was. And I felt a body, still warm, lying next to me before I remembered who she was. I almost gagged at the strong smell of blood. Something thick and crusty was smeared across my cheek and forehead. I scratched my fingernails over it and it crumbled away in flakes.

I felt the car gain speed and the body rolled on top of me. Was it Julie? I pushed it away with a sob, wondering if she was still alive, hoping she was still alive.

Then, before I could brace myself, I was thrown towards the front of the truck. The back opened and a dim light flooded in.

It was Julie. Moonlight lit her blood soaked hair. The gaping wound in her skull made her almost unrecognizable. Her eyes and mouth were open in horrific panic and her neck bone jutted against the skin like a needle attempting to push through fabric. Scrambling, I pushed away from her, closed my eyes as I hung my torso out of the car, and vomited onto the ground below me. I inhaled deeply, appreciating the crisp ocean air.

With my head dizzy from confusion and nausea, I slowly raised my eyes to view a face. A tall, glaring man stood over me with the look of a predator eyeing its prey. The car shook again and two more faces appeared.

"What the is this? You said they were both dead." The face on the right spoke, its expression scared and confused.

"I thought they were," the tall man's lips moved slowly. He was thinking as he spoke.

"What are...