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Description : Seduce
I was lying on the bed . David was in the bathroom getting cleaned up after he’d with me. At least that’s what I’d call it. Sex with David over the past five months had involved a couple of open mouth kisses, a few lick and nibbles to my s, a finger inside me, then he would push home and within seconds he’de in the condom, leaving me unsatisfied - every time. All I really wanted to do was curl up on my side and cry.

David and I had been together since high school, some seven years. We were both seventeen when he moved to the high school I was attending and within a week of him starting school, we were inseparable.

He was my first kiss, my first lover. We lived together while we attended the same college and then moved to the same city after graduation. We even worked for the samepany, up until two weeks ago, when I lost my job, along with two hundred other employees. David still worked there and for the past week, he’d been makingments about my unemployed status, as though it was my fault I no longer had a job.

Secretly, I’d been looking for another job, because I’d started to want something else. I actually felt relief when thepany let me go. For the first time in a long time I was free and there was nothing David could say about it or so I thought.

Apparently, it was my fault. David told me on more than one occasion over the past couple of weeks, that if I hadn’t been ‘gathering wool’ during the department meetings, the boss wouldn’t have noticed and I wouldn’t have made the ‘let...