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Seduction and Surrender

Seduction and Surrender

Description : Seduction and Surrender
The knife was a blur in Emma’s hand as she chopped the onions for the night’s service, her prep cook having left her in the lurch again. She tried to be understanding of true emergencies, but getting too drunk the night before wasn’t a valid excuse for missing work the following morning—yet again. And of all the days to be short-staffed.

“You need to get going, Em. Leave it. I’ll finish that up.” Jake shouldered her out of the way and took over the prep she was working on. “And make sure you take a shower before going to that meeting. Ryker will never agree to extend the lease if you smell like onions and a butcher’s.”

She wiped her hands on a rag, her mind racing and her stomach in knots as her nerves got the best of her. Formal meetings of any sort always put her on edge, especially when there was so much at stake. “I swear, I could kiss you. Thanks. I owe you, big time.”

He shook his head with a sigh and a teasing smile, his brown eyes lighting up. “Promises, promises.”

With a wave, Emma grabbed her bag and rushed out the door, quickly checking the time on her phone as she fumbled with her keys. If she hurried, she’d just make it. And there was no way she could be late. The fate of her restaurant depended on this meeting being a success. If she couldn’t get her lease renewed, she’d lose everything—and it wasn’t just her life’s savings and her restaurant that were on the line.

Letting herself into her studio apartment, she...