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Sex Piston

Sex Piston

Description : Sex Piston
Stud brought his fist up, smashing Dozer in the ribs. The beefed up brother only grunted, returning the strike with a punch to Stud’s gut that had him taking a step backwards. Regaining his breath, he swung his fist, striking Dozer just under his jaw and knocking him backward before he could regain his balance. Stud then hit him on the side of his nose, sending blood flying as Dozer fell to his knees.

“That motherfucker can fight,” Killyama said, admiring the two men fighting in the middle of the circle of members.

“He does all right.” Sex Piston hid her appreciation at the skill that Stud used to bring down the enforcer of the Destructors down.

“Dozer should have known better than to challenge Stud. He’s overworked those muscles of his to the point he’s slow as shit. I could take the shithead down,” Crazy Bitch said, unimpressed.

The crowd around them cheered when Stud finished off Dozer with a nasty kick to the face and then he lost consciousness. The Destructors and The Blue Horsemen converged on Stud, slapping him on his back and laughing at how easily he had taken Dozer out.

“Fuck,” Sex Piston said, disappointed at the oue of the brief fight.

“What?” Killyama said. “Don’t tell me you actually thought Dozer stood a chance?”

“I was hoping. I hate it that not one of our men can beat them.” Sex Piston was aggravated that the Destructors had lost every fight against The Blue Horsemen.

“I stand a better chance of beating them than any of our shitheads.”

Sex Piston agreed with Crazy Bitch.

“I don’t know why you don’t like them. They are a hell of a lot better looking than our men. There’s one or two of them I wouldn’t mind doing.”...