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Shade's Fall

Shade's Fall

Description : Shade's Fall
“Shh… baby, you’re going to be fine.”

Shade stood in the corner with his brother, Razer, from The Last Riders, standing tensely by his side. He knew Razer hade to care a great deal for his sister-in-law.

Both of them were watching with grim expressions as Lily tried again to get out of the hospital bed. Beth, her sister, prevented her with a soothing voice, murmuring words over and over again that neither men could hear over Lily’s cries.

The doctors had relieved the pressure on her brain last night, saving her life. Her broken hand was put in a cast that morning. The traumabined with the pain and medication left her disoriented.

Every cry and whimper that passed her lips increased his resolve to take his vengeance out on the two men who were responsible for her injuries. The police had them in custody and they wouldn’t be getting out any time soon, but Shade had every faith the judicial system would release them on parole. He would be waiting for them when it happened, just like the biker who had dared to touch her and the deputy from Treepoint. Both had disappeared just as Joker and Dale would.

Lily finally slipped into a fitful sleep, tossing and turning on the hospital bed while Beth continued sitting by her side, holding her hand.

Shade stepped forward. “You should both go and get some sleep. I’ll stay until you get back.”

“I’m not leaving her,” Beth protested.

“Go and get a couple hours’ rest at Sex Piston’s parents’ house; it’s just a few blocks away. I’ll call as soon as she wakes.”

It was another hour before exhaustion had Beth leaving reluctantly with Razer.

After they left, Shade sat down in the chair by Lily’s bed, looking at the woman who had...