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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

Description : Silver Lining
"Oh Lordy, I'm dying."

Low Down stared into the man's swollen face and her nostrils pinched against the stink of oozing pustules. Clenching her teeth, she reached deep inside for a dollop of energy, lifted his head, pulled out his pillow and changed the case, then settled his head back on dry, clean linen before she leaned near his ear.

"You're starting to scab up, which means the worst is over. You're going to make it."

"No I ain't."

"Now you listen, Frank. I know you got a pouch of gold hid under a plank in your cabin. If you die, I'm going to steal those nuggets. You just think about that."

His eyes fluttered open. "How'd you know about my stash? That gold is for my funeral and a headstone!"

"Too bad. If you die, I'm stealing it. I'll jump your claim, too."

Leaving him struggling to sit up, she moved to the next cot on stumbling feet. Christ Almighty. When was the last time she had grabbed a couple hours of sleep or had eaten anything? She couldn't remember. And the men kepting to the school—sick, delirious, needing help. Before she bent over the next cot, she looked around, blinking hard to clear her vision, hoping this time she'd discover that someone hade to help her.

Her boot heel slipped in a pool of vomit and she pitched forward, nearly falling across Max McCord. Swearing, she fetched a bucket and flung the water at the vomit,...