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Description : Sizzle
“Where is that cowardly son of a bitch?”

Oh, look. The gates had been stormed. The enemy had breached the wall and was obviously about to scale the fortress. Where the hell was a good musket when she needed it?

Molly Ramsey smiled sympathetically at the statuesque woman with the model-like good looks who was obviously on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She silently acknowledged to herself that it was going to be another long day at the office.

Momma had told her there would be days like this. She just hadn’t expected there to be so freaking many of theming in row. Sweet mercy, she hated for her Momma to be right.

The irate neer threw her Hermes bag down on the chair in front of Molly’s desk. “Get him. Now.”

Molly merely sighed to herself as she mentally surveyed the items on her ordered desk, idly wondering if her stapler could be a lethal weapon. She was tempted to just hand it to the interloper and point to the office behind her, but she knew she’d hate to have to call the police for the inevitable clean up. The paperwork alone would be a bitch. Holding up one hand, she shook her head. “Ms. Miller, you know that I can’t let you go any farther. His rules.”

“The bastard only obeys the rules he likes, Molly, and you know it!” Carolyn Miller all but shrieked as she rapidly paced in Molly’s small office. “He needs toe out here and face me like a man instead of a little boy hiding behind his protector! Honest to God, Molly, he dumped me!” She paused...