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Something Great

Something Great

Description : Something Great
“You’re staring,” I said to Becky, who was sitting across from me.

“I can’t help it.” Becky continued to smile at a stranger, flirtatiously batting her eyelashes, pulling a strand of her light brown hair behind her ear. “He’s kind of cute, and he’s looking right at me.”

Oh…she is good. “But you think a lot of guys are cute,” I mumbled lightly.

“It’s probably the alcohol talking.” She took a drink of her martini.

Becky and I had been roommates since my senior year in college. Our living arrangement transferred after graduation, which was pretty cool considering the expenses that went with living in an apartment near the beach. I had to say, it was an added benefit having your best friend live with you…sometimes.

Though Becky and I lived together, at times it was difficult when our schedules got busy. Sometimes we hardly saw each other, so it was nice to go out to dinner together even though it was in the middle of the week. We were both tired, but our friendship meant more than a little rest.

Becky looked behind her, then turned back to face me. “Twelve o’clock on your time. You see him?”

Trying not to make it obvious, especially since he’d caught my eyes after Becky turned around, I took a quick peek again. “He’s okay.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“You have such high standards. It’s no wonder…wait a minute. I don’t get you. Not to be mean about it, but you know you can do so much better than what’s his face.”

“You’ve told me that like, millions of times.”

“Oh…is that all? And I still can’t get it through your thick skull,” she giggled.


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