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Something Reckless

Something Reckless

Description : Something Reckless

Liz: My undersexed phone would like to invite your undersexed phone to exchange some inappropriate text messages we’ll regret when we’re sober.

When I look up from the message, I catch Lizzy Thompson watching me from her table not five feet from mine. Another woman might blush. Liz winks.

She’s in red heels and one of those short, tight dresses that’s scientifically engineered to make a man’s jaw drop. Her legs are crossed and on full display from where she’s propped on a stool.

I lift an eyebrow, questioning, and she shrugs.

Brady’s is buzzing with activity tonight. The seats at the bar are crowded with men trying to escape their women for the night, and men trying to find a woman to take home are surrounding the pool tables. I’m somewhere in between, at a table with a beer and a few empty shot glasses. I’m not in the mood to socialize, but going home and being left alone with my thoughts sounds even worse.

Last week, I’d beenplaining that Will’s phone was getting more action than mine, and Liz asked for my number. I thought she was joking. Apparently not.

At the time, I would have been all over some dirty sexting with the leggy blonde who’s starred in more than a few of my fantasies. At the time, I had no idea how badly one person could fuck over my world.

But that was last week. Tonight, I’m a different man. I’m changed. Hell, I’m broken.

I can’t tell Liz that. I can’t tell anyone. Because telling would lead to questions I don’t care to answer.

Her lips pull into a subtle pout, and I sigh and type a reply.


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