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Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful

Description : Something Wonderful
WHAT A CRAZY NIGHT. Everyone was wasted, including me. There were beer bottles and red cups all over the place. Couples were making out every which way I turned. There was even a body slumped over a sofa with legs dangling. Most of the party guests were juniors in college, including myself, but the invite was from a senior who was so trashed, he had no idea about the mess he would find in the morning.

It was past two in the morning and I was getting really tired. Not wanting to spend the night here, I thought it was best to go home. As I looked for my roommate, everything seemed to move in slow motion. I wouldn’t have gotten this buzzed, but since it was Amber’s turn to be the designated driver, I let myself go and drank as much as I wanted, even knowing I would regret it the next morning.

Since I had just broken up with the guy I had been dating, I really needed this. He turned out to be a jerk, but as far as the guys I’d been attracted to, that seemed to be my pattern lately. I was an ass**le magnet.

“Amber!” I yelled, but I don’t think my voice carried. I couldn’t tell. It was difficult to figure out how loud I was over the music pounding in my ears. When I couldn’t see her, I opened the nearest bedroom door. There were people in there, but they looked really high, and I could only assume they’d taken drugs.

“Amber?” I wasn’t as loud as the last time I called out. When I heard my name, I rushed into the restroom.

“Amber,” I said again, and stopped from going in any further.

Her hair was pushed over to one side, and her hands were resting on either side of the toilet seat as she bent over it. “I need a minute.” Her words echoed inside the toilet. A few seconds later, whatever she drank and ate poured out of her...

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