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Description : Spicy

Watching your best friend get pushed into the swimming pool and then carted off by a pissed off hunk doesn’t usually happen where Ie from. Then again, living a sheltered life on the ranch with my folks has stopped me from meeting guys I can do more than look at. Oh, I looked plenty at the ranch hands when I was old enough to notice them, but they were out of bounds. Once I left for college I certainly had fun, but now, not so much.

I’m a shy person by nature and it takes a lot to try and act like I’m a girl just looking for a good time. I mean, who wants a girl looking for the one? These days, no guy is looking for anything other than to get off between a variety of girls thighs.

Right now though, I’m standing beside the pool at Mia’s parents house with two sexy guys of my own, both of them trying to protect me, and I’m sure as hell not going toplain. I mean, I have read Nicole Edward’s books, which are pretty damn hot, and yes, like the rest of her readers, I fantasize about what it would be like to be with two guys. Fantasize about things that are forbidden in polite society.

A squeeze of my hips draws me from my musings and I lick my lips as I take in Reece, who is standing in front of me in a fighting stance – his feet wide, his fists clenched by his side. But right now it isn’t Reece that is igniting the slow burn running through my body. It’s Donovan as his hands grip my hips, trapping me tight against him. And boy, can I feel him against me. All hot, hard and pulsing. He makes my knees weak, but when Reece swivels to face me, I find I’m trapped between the two of them…and I like it. Both create this burning heat in my body, but where Reece is like a wildfire, scalding me until I’m ready to throw myself into his wild flames, Donovan’s...