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Description : Starkissed
“Mom!” I scream, storming back into the house.

“What now Sydney?” she strides out of the kitchen, her briefcase in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. “I’m already late for my 8:30 showing.”

“My car is gone.”


“My car isn’t in the driveway.”

She frowns, then almost immediately perks up. “That’s right. Ava needed it to drive into Albuquerque this morning. Something about recycling...” She ponders a second then shrugs. “Or maybe it was buying clothes. That girl talks so fast sometimes.”

“But, but…it’s my car. You just let her take my car?” I don’t know why I’m surprised. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Ava can pretty much sweet talk her way into anything, including other people’s belongings.

“She seemed to really need it. Sorry sweetie. You can walk to school can’t you?”

“Maybe if I left half an hour ago. I’m going to miss first bell. You have to drive me.”

“I wish I could but like I said, I’m already late. Call Caroline.”

She heads to the front door and I call after her. “You’re a terrible mother, you know that right?”

“Well that’s my cross to bear” she sighs, then grins. “I won’t see you before you leave for the airport. Have fun in New York. Don’t give Alyssa too much trouble.” She...