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Street Magic

Street Magic

Description : Street Magic
Street Magic is a labor of love, and the book would never havee into being without the istance, support, and occasional arse-kicking from a great many people.

Rachel Vater, my amazing agent, deserves credit for taking that initial draft and making it into a Real Book. Rose Hilliard, my esteemed editor, gave Pete, Jack, and Black London a home and took them to a new level with her enthusiasm and deft editorial hand.

Richelle Mead, owner of a sofa on which a large portion of the first draft was written and fellow Vampire Justice su-perfan, ensured with her encouragement that I would write the hardest and simultaneously most fun novel of my career to date.

Stacia Kane read an early draft and got every single one of my punk rock references, thus proving that she has both excellent taste in music and a slightly twisted imagination. I couldn't ask for a better crit partner and I'm thrilled this was the book that brought us together.

Cherie Priest and Kat Richardson gave me cover quotes and encouragement, and along with all of Team Seattle, gave me drinks, dinner, and dance-offs during the marathon revision process. Jim Butcher also gave me a lovely cover quote while trapped with me in a small car in Seattle traffic, and did so with grace and aplomb. Jim, I promise never to do that again.

Karen Mahoney showed me London and conspired to make me sound English.

Liz Bourke translated the Irish flawlessly and didn't think it was strange that I was asking for exorcism spells and curse words.