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Description : Surrender
I suppose I should have found the wording of the contract reassuring, because it certainly indicated that everything waspletely above board and the dark fears circling the back of my mind like a flock of black crows were groundless. Instead, a sense of unreality swept through me as I read back over the long list of terms I was agreeing to, tying my nervous stomach into a harder knot.

Desperation, I thought, looking up at the man seated across from me, was a hard task master—and destitution the equivalent of hell on earth because the fear of it was enough to make an ordinarily rational person, like myself, consider making a deal with the devil.

He didn’t look like the devil. He looked like apletely ordinary mortal.

“Is there a problem?”

I cleared my throat, which felt as if it had closed together. “It says if I fail to …

uh … fail to perform according to expectations, I can be terminated immediately withoutpensation.”

He gave me an impatient look. “I explained that to you when you applied for the position. Would you like to go over everything again?”

He had. I’d just been too addled to really take it in, because from the moment I’d realized exactly what I was being hired to do my mind had gone perfectly blank.

I felt my face redden. “It’s just …...