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Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Description : Sweet Home

To my husband—together from being teens, and still my Sweet Home.

To our team, the Seattle Seahawks, for inspiring this story.

And to the people of Alabama (especially those who support the Crimson Tide), for having the best freakin’ accent in the world!

“Roll Tide!”


Easington, Durham, England

Fourteen years ago…

“Molly,e to me, sweetheart. I have something to tell you.”

My grandma was in the front room of our small house, sitting on her old brown armchair with her head in her hands.

I moved forward and looked around the room. My daddy wasn’t yet back from the pub. He was always in the pub since the scary lady that was sometimes on the television shut down the mines the year I was born and my daddy got sad. Grandma told me.

My grandma lifted her head and smiled a sad smile. My grandma had the kindest smile that I’d ever seen; she could light up the room with just one grin. I loved my grandma so much.

As I walked closer, I noticed she was holding an old picture of Mammy. Mammy died when I was born, and Grandma and Daddy just get upset whenever I ask about her, so I don’t ask anything anymore. I still make sure to kiss her picture beside my bed every night, though. Grandma said Mammy will see me doing that from heaven.

“Come here, my little Molly-pops. Sit on my lap,” she said, waving for me toe to her, placing the picture frame...