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Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession

Description : Sweet Obsession

“Fuck yeah, baby. You ready? Huh? You ready toe all over this cock?”

I dig my nails into Paul’s shoulders, arching my back off the bed. My breath hitches. “Yes, God . . . fuck, don’t stop.”

“Fuuuck.” He squeezes my hips while he pounds into me. Sweat beads up on his brow, on the dusting of hair coating his chest as he throws his head back, filling the condom with a groan, the cords in his neck straining.

My own orgasm follows seconds later.

“Coming!” I yell, closing my eyes as that sweet heat burns down my spine, exploding into a thousand stars between my hips. I lock my ankles behind his back, keeping his firm body pinned between my legs, his cock exactly where I need it while I ride this out. My body hums, my thighs shake against his skin.

God, I love sex. I mean really, who doesn’t love this right here? I’d consider giving up cupcakes for this.

I grind my hips against his pelvis as a life without salted caramel icing flashes in front of my eyes.

Chocolate chip cheesecake. Red velvet. White chocolate raspberry.

Okay, maybe not cupcakes, and maybe not this sex. I’ve had to tag myself in a few times.

“Greedy girl,” Paul murmurs, sliding his hand between my tits. He pinches my nipple.

“Mm,” I purr, slowly peeking up at him as that perfect ache settles, leaving me sated.

A lazy smile beams down at me, but blurs into something indiscernible as Paul’s spent body suddenly collapses on top of mine.

“Lord, move off.” I rock my hips, shoving against his shoulders. “Asshole. You’re going to kill me.”

He laughs, rolling onto his back and pulling off the condom with a satisfied groan. He ties it off. “Goddamn, I don’t...