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Sweet Surrendering

Sweet Surrendering

Description : Sweet Surrendering
How in the name of everything holy did I end up on my back on the polished mahogany table in the boardroom, getting the daylights f**ked out of me by one of the sexiest men alive?

Wait, wait, wait. That’s not the place to start the story. Let me rewind a little for you. . .

Dad called me on the phone first thing on Monday morning, and he didn’t sound happy. One thing about working at the samepany as your father is that you never know if you’re in trouble for something work-related, or if it’s something else. I locked myputer and strolled down the hallway to his office, trying to keep my face blank. I usually wore a blank face at work so I could never be accused of being “too young and emotional” to do my job. I knocked softly on Dad’s door.

“Come in,” he said, and it sounded like the voice of doom. I scrolled through anything I could have possibly done wrong. I was paranoid, so this was a long list. I’d also only heard him use this particular voice when he fired people, or he called them out for screwing things up royally. Wait, could he fire me?

“What’s wrong?” I said, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible. One cut.

He held up a folder with papers in it. My heart beat erratically at the sight of the folder. For all I knew it could have been nuclear launch codes, or that fourth grade test I cheated on that he never found out about. Until now?

“Have you seen this?” he said. His face was drawn and serious. This worried me even more.

I crossed my legs and cleared my throat. “I’m not sure, what is it?” Just get it over with. I almost closed my eyes and braced for the blow.

“I was just going over some of the expense reports and something popped out at me. See what you think.”...

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