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Take Me for Granted

Take Me for Granted

Description : Take Me for Granted
I didn’t remember the number of women I’d f**ked.

Yeah, that might sound cocky or maybe a bit disgusting even, but I’d never given two f**ks. I wasn’t about to start now.

Whoever was lying beside me needed to get the f**k out before I could remember her name.

Did I remember her name?






I didn’t give a shit. She just needed to leave, so I could get back to sleep.

“Babe,” I grumbled, nudging the chick in the ribs. “Darlin’.”

“Mmm,” she groaned. “I love when you call me darlin’.”

I’d already known she liked it. She had lost her clothes quickly enough to the sound of it last night. Now, I was pretty sure I’d never say it again if it meant that she would get out quicker.

“Time to go home.”

The girl turned on her side and tucked theforter under her arms, covering her tits. Well, there went her best quality. She gave me ae-and-get-me look and pouted her lips as if that would change my mind. Not likely.

“Oh,e on, Grant,” she whispered throatily.

Her hand slid down my chest and then farther south. Yeah, not happening. I wasn’t interested in another mediocre performance on her part. Maybe a blow job. Then again, probably not. She stroked my cock, and I was reconsidering that blow job. She had to be better at sucking dick then f**king. It was some unwritten rule. Either they sucked, or they f**ked.

“No, honey. It’s time for you to go home.” I rolled onto my back and reached for the joint and a lighter on my nightstand.

“That’s not what you were saying last night.”

I flicked the Zippo to life and took a drag on the joint. “That’s...

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