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Taking Chase

Taking Chase

Description : Taking Chase
For the first time in years Cassie Gambol felt as if she wasn’t being watched. She couldn’t remember the last time that had been true. But as she drove down Main Street in tiny, way off the map, Petal, Georgia, her muscles relaxed just a bit.

It was Friday night yet most of the businesses along the street were closed but for the restaurants and what looked to be a bar or tavern. The place was pretty quaint. Definitely not Los Angeles. But that was okay. It was off the beaten path and that’s where she needed to be.

The last thing she needed or wanted was for Terry to find her. Ever. She planned to keep her head down and get on with her life. Because she was alive and that wasn’t something she’d take for granted ever again.

While she was stopped at a red light, she looked down to check the address she’d written down. She had no clue that the giant Cadillac was heading right for her until it rear-ended her, slamming her car into the intersection.

Muzzy but rising back toward full consciousness, Cassie did a mental inventory of her body. Everything seemed to be in working order. She could move her fingers and her toes. Great, teach her to relax her muscles.

The airbag deploying kept her from getting her head split open by the steering wheel, a good thing because she was pretty sure her skull had taken all it possibly could. Still, as she began to regain her senses, she knew she’d be bruised and sore as hell in the morning.

Cassie opened her eyes. The bag lost air and she was able to turn her body enough to see the group of people running from the bar toward the intersection. Oh, special. One of them was a cop. She hoped like hell those new documents Brian had given her a week before would hold up. The social security card and driver’s license were legit but the...