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Tall, Dark & Heartless

Tall, Dark & Heartless

Description : Tall, Dark & Heartless
A small village in Scotland, just north of the English border


"Come on, lad. Jump and take it if ye want it!"

"Give it back!" Caine snapped, sick of being taunted because of his size. He was sixteen winters and he was being mocked by a boy two winters younger than him, in front of all the men in the village no less.

"Make me, brat," the boy said, reaching out and shoving him. He stumbled back and tripped over his bare feet and landed in the mud next to four of his cousins.

"Get up!" Jacob hissed as he reached down and grabbed Caine by the scruff of his neck, forcing him back to his feet. "If ye let 'em knock ye down again I'll wring yer neck," his cousin promised as he shoved him back towards the large boy.

Caine glowered over his shoulder at his cousin as he uselessly wiped at the mud now coating his dirty tunic and plaid. He knew his cousin thought he was helping, but sadly he wasn't. After he dealt with this horse's ass he'd have to run and hide in his cave for a few days. At least until his cousin forgot that he owed him a beating or his aunt sent the dogs after him, again.

He forced himself to walk up to the large boy who towered over him and held up his fists, ready to get this over with. The lad and his friends laughed as the boy gave Caine a shove, but this time he managed to hold his ground. The only thing that would save him from a sound beating from his cousin was to try to fight. Jacob would still clobber him, but at least he'd be able to walk afterwards.

As he stepped back in front of the lad towering over him and hell bent on humiliating...

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