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Tall, Dark & Lonely

Tall, Dark & Lonely

Description : Tall, Dark & Lonely
Lancashire, England 1819

“He’s the devil!” a woman cried.

“Hush, woman! Just show the magistrate your wound!” his father demanded.

Ephraim couldn’t focus. His eyes were too heavy to open and his body felt limp. Everything felt so distant and fuzzy. He was so tired….he just needed sleep. A little sleep and then he would ask why they were in his bedchamber.

“This woman is obviously prone to hysterics, Your Grace. This is clearly an animal bite or she stabbed herself in hopes of creating trouble for you. I would dismiss her at once without a reference,” a cold voice said.

“I ain’t lying, m'lord! Look at his mouth!” the woman demanded. Was that Mary the upstairs maid? Ephraim tried to focus. She was obviously upset about something.

“First tell me who this man is,” the cold voice ordered.

"Tell you who it is?" his father repeated in confusion. “I told you who it is! That’s my middle son Ephraim!” his father snapped.

Ephraim heard a chuckle. “That’s not Ephraim.”

“Yes, it is!”

“No, it’s not.” The man sounded annoyed.

What the bloody hell was going on?

Someone grabbed his chin none too gently and yanked it to the side. Ephraim wanted to protest, but the only sound he managed was a weak groan.

“This is Ephraim!”

“But….but….Ephraim is sixteen and he looks….well he looks….like….”

“Like a ten year old boy,” he heard his older brother...

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