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Teaching The Boss

Teaching The Boss

Description : Teaching The Boss
“I hate models.” April tossed her fork down and tried not to think about the calories in the maple glazed salmon that sat untouched on her plate.

“Ummm…should I not be offended right now?” asked Jessica, the striking woman who sat across from April.

“You’re not like them. You’re well rounded in a thin and glamorous way. I swear, every woman he’s ever dated is a spiteful, skinny, little…model.” Besides, April had known Jessica long before her career had taken off. No matter how different their lives were now, she would always remember Jessica as the scrawny track star from Elkton Middle School back in the Jersey suburbs. But that seemed like a lifetime ago now.

“There you go again with the model thing.”

“Sorry,” mumbled April. “It’s just that Sam is flying back from Europe in four hours and sent me a text saying he wants to take Oksana to La Plaque.”

Jessica snorted. “Good luck with that. I heard that not even Trump can get in without making a reservation two weeks in advance.”

“Well, I have something up my sleeve that Trump doesn’t. I know the manager.”

“Not surprised. You know everyone.” Jessica brought a forkful of salad to her mouth in one polished move.

April nodded. She’d probably met half the population of New York City by this point. Sam seemed to have appointments, parties, meetings, or golf outings with a new person every day. “This...

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