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Description : Teased
“Close door one, open door two.” Colton could hear the cold voice over the loudspeaker as he watched the doors open in order, knowing it was leading to his freedom.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air, he walked through the metal gate into the parking lot of “The Grange” where several cars were waiting to pick up the newly released prisoners. The maximum-security prison, where he had served his punishment decreed by the court, held hardened criminals. Serving three of his five-year sentence had been hard, but now it was over.

Colton took another deep breath, catching sight of the car waiting for him. King had said he would have someone waiting, however only a sadistic son of a bitch would send the same woman responsible for his incarceration. Tessa stood in her shorts and tank top, leaning against her car. If she didn’t get back in the car, one of the other men being released would be going back in before he truly had his freedom back.

“Get in the car, Tessa, you’re showing enough ass to get yourself in trouble,” Colton ordered.

Tessa made a face before sliding back inside the mustang. Colton opened the car door, ignoring Hank-the-Yank giving him the thumbs up, his greedy eyes still trying to gaze at Tessa through the car windows.

“Why are you here?” Colton asked through gritted teeth while getting into the car.

“Now is that any way to say hello after all this time, Colton? I missed you. When King said you needed a ride, I volunteered.” Tessa’s overly cheerful...