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Tempestuous Reunion

Tempestuous Reunion

Description : Tempestuous Reunion
'Marry you?' Luc echoed, his brilliant dark gaze rampant with incredulity as he abruptly cast aside the financial report he had been studying. 'Why would I want to marry you?'

Catherine's slender hand was shaking. Hurriedly she set down her coffee-cup, her courage sinking fast. 'I just wondered if you had ever thought of it.' Her restless fingers made a minute adjustment to the siting of the sugar bowl. She was afraid to meet his eyes. 'It was just.. an idea.'

'Whose idea?' he prompted softly. 'You are perfectly content as you are.'

She didn't want to think about what Luc had made of her. But certainly contentment had rarely featured in her responses. From the beginning she had loved him wildly, recklessly, and with that edge of desperation which prevented her from ever standing as his equal.

Over the past two years, she had swung between ec­stasy and despair more times than he would ever have believed. Or cared to believe. This beautiful, luxurious apartment was her prison. Not his. She was a pretty songbird in a gilded cage for Luc's exclusive enjoyment. But it wasn't bars that kept her imprisoned, it was love.

She stole a nervous glance at him. His light intonation had been deceptive. Luc was silently seething. But not at her. His ire was directed at some imaginary scapegoat, who had dared to contaminate her with ideas, quite em­barrassing ideas above her station.

'Catherine,' he pressed impatiently.Under the table the fingernails of her other hand grooved sharp crescents into...