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That Baby

That Baby

Description : That Baby
January 22nd

Your MacDaddy

I am Mrs. Phillip Mackenzie.

Jadyn James Mackenzie.

Gosh, I love the way that sounds.

We’re back from our amazing honeymoon and are ready to move into our dream house.

Phillip unlocked the door and carried me over the threshold then we started unpacking.

We’ve been unpacking all day and are tired, but I’m down in the basement excitedly pulling the plastic off our gorgeous new sectional sofa. I’m practically in tears over how amazing it looks in the fabric I chose.

You know men.

They prefer function over form, and women typically will give upfort for fashion. I mean, look at the way we contort our feet into fabulous shoes. Neither one of us had topromise on this couch. It’s the perfectbination of style andfort. I ordered it in the softest ultra suede, and it’s like lying on melted butter.

“I’m tired,” Phillip says, sliding down onto the new couch. “Moving is a lot of work.”

So what is the very first thing Phillip decides to do on our couch?

Does he go over, lie down, look at me all sexy, and say, baby,e see your MacDaddy, so we can properly break it in?


Does he run his hand across the gorgeous fabric and say, wow, this is amazing?


Does hement on how cool it looks and what a statement it makes in the room?


He flops on it with his shoes on, turns on the TV, and proceeds to fart on the new couch.

Yes, you heard me right.

He farted on my new gorgeous suede sofa!

Seriously, who does that?

Who spends good money on something and then farts on it?

Who does that?

“PHILLIP!? What the hell? Why did you just do that?”

“It must have slipped out,” he tells me with...