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That Wedding

That Wedding

Description : That Wedding
Phillip's holding my hand, leading me toward the hotel elevator. We just left our engagement party. I still can't believe I'm engaged to Phillip Mackenzie, the boy I've known forever.

As we step into an empty elevator, Phillip inserts a key and presses the number for the top floor. I'm about to say something, but before I can, he has me pinned into the corner. He sings, "Love in the Elevator..." I start to laugh, but my laugh is smothered when he kisses me deeply.

I forget what I was about to say. It's hard to concentrate when his hands are running up my dress. The elevator dings, the doors open, but Phillip doesn't stop kissing me.

"Um, Phillip. Where are we going?"

"Maybe I have a few more surprises," he says slyly.

"I think I've had enough surprises for one day," I tease.

He scoops me up and carries me out of the elevator.

"Phillip, put me down. You're not supposed to carry me over the threshold until our wedding night. You'll jinx us!"

He doesn't put me down, but he stops and looks at me seriously. "Are you really gonna marry me?"

"Yeah, I think so. I said yes. Twice." I wrap my arms around his neck. I really don't want him to put me down.

He wrinkles his nose at me. "You also said no at least four times."

I stick out my tongue at him. "What did you expect? You asked me to marry you on our first date. I'm sorry, but that was a bit of a shock. Are you gonna put me down?"



He leans his face in close to mine. "I'm carrying you into the bedroom, not over the threshold."

The simple mention of Phillip and I in a bedroom sends flames blazing through my body.