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The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire

Description : The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire

I kept my mouth shut, eyes squeezed tight as I concentrated on not breathing even as my face was smashed against the glass bowl of the overflowing sink. If Farah Jenkins didn’t let me up soon, I’d probably be the first girl in history to die of drowning in a high school sink.

Farah pushed me down harder. My throat was on fire now, and as the pressure inside me built higher and higher, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I---

Aah! Even as Farah kept her painful grip on my hair as she finally let me up, I didn’t mind, too busy gulping in oxygen. I tried to struggle out of her hold, but it wasn’t easy since Farah’s goons in skirts also had a hold on me, their fingers clamped around my wrists. I tried getting out of their death grips, but it was impossible. Jesus, these girls were strong. What did they freaking do during glee practice anyway? Bench press while working on their duets?

“Look at me, you little whore!”

I did as she asked. She didn’t really give me a choice as she yanked my head back. Our gazes met through the mirror. Farah looked absolutely perfect, not a single strawberry blond strand out of place. Her goons looked as impossibly good, their makeup giving their skins a glossy feel.

In contrast, I looked like a drowned rat, the anemic type, my pale skin turning even whiter under the bright fluorescent bulbs of the school’s toilet.

“Do you really think Stavros would want someone like you?”

And someone like me meant…what? Someone who actually ate enough to weigh more than my backpack?

I wanted to ask for clarification, but by then she had dunked my head back into the overflowing sink. This time, she pushed too hard, cracking my head against the side of the sink. When she pulled me up, we all...