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The Best Kind of Trouble

The Best Kind of Trouble

Description : The Best Kind of Trouble
IT REALLY DIDN’T matter that the day was sure to be hot enough to melt asphalt; coffee was a necessity if she was expected to work all day at the library and not maim anyone.

Public safety was important, after all. That and her terrible addiction to things that were bad for her like caffeine and sugary baked goods.

Common Grounds was a daily stop on her way to work or other errands in town.

Bobbi was behind the counter, and when she caught sight of Natalieing through the doors, she grinned. “Morning!” So. Perky.

Perky was not in Natalie’s wheelhouse, so she aimed for amiable because Bobbi the barista was Natalie’s pimp. “Morning. Hit me with something awesome.”

Another luminous smile from Natalie’s favorite barista as she got to work. “I have a new something to try. Are you game?”

“My vices are few, so I like to enjoy what I’ve got.” She looked over the stuff in the case. There were no doughnuts, sadly, so a scone would have to do. “I’d like to enter into a relationship with that cinnamon scone there to go with my something new.”

“It’s early for you, isn’t it? I thought the library didn’t open until ten today?”

“It doesn’t, but I’m doing story time for some preschoolers.”

“Aw, that’s nice of you.”

Natalie had the financial ability to volunteer in her free time and a strongmitment to giving back, so reading to preschoolers once or twice a week was pretty fun as such things went.

Bobbi handed over the bag with the scone and her drink. “Latte with orange essence and a little shaved chocolate. Tell me what you think.”

“Sounds fantastic.” As for nice for reading books to...

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