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The Billionaire Cinderella Test

The Billionaire Cinderella Test

Description : The Billionaire Cinderella Test
“We’ve got a problem, boss.”

Gage Tate clenched his teeth and held his temper. “What now?”

“The replacement boom we contracted didn’t show up this morning.”

Not good. Of all days for work on the Platinum Towers to grind to a halt, today was not a good one. “Did you call and find out why?”

Marcus Shipley nodded. “Yup. He said he didn’t have one available until a week from today.”

“And when was he going to tell us?”

Marcus’s lips twisted around the toothpick that had replaced cigarettes in his mouth. “A week from today.”

“We can’te to aplete halt for an entire week. The delay on materials acquisition already set us two weeks behind schedule. Every day we go past ourpletion date costs us money.”

“I have a call into another boompany; they think they can get one to us in two days. My contact said he’d let us know by the end of the day.”

“Great. I have a meeting with Mr. Langley in exactly,” he glanced at his watch, “ten minutes. Here. To show him what we’re capable of. On a work site where no work is being done.” Gage raked a hand through his hair.

“William Langley? The man who owns half of downtown Dallas?”

“Yes. That Langley. I want that property on the corner of Elm and Griffin Streets.”

“I thought he didn’t want...