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The Billionaire's Baby SOS

The Billionaire's Baby SOS

Description : The Billionaire's Baby SOS
ALL the ornate boardroom doors that Matt Patterson had faced hadn’t been as intimidating as the ordinary brown door before him.

Dysart Adoption Agency.

His chest tightened. His palms began to sweat. His mouth went dry.

Still, he never shirked a responsibility. He opened the door and walked inside.

Wood-paneled walls, an empty reception desk and a soft powder scent greeted him. So did the sound of a baby’s laughter. High-pitched and filled with joy, the little-girl giggles and squeals of delight rolled up the hall.

Nine chances out of ten that was his baby.

His baby.

Man, this was going to put a cramp in his love life.

And his traveling.

And his staff.

Good God! The housekeeper, Mrs. McHenry, would have a fit when she discovered they were going to have to add a nursery and a nanny to his already-busy household.

He followed the sound of the giggles to an office at the end of a short hall. Her back to him, a slim woman held a baby in the crook of her arm. Her glossy chestnut-brown hair was swept up in a neat, professional chignon and her red dress rode her curves like an Italian sports car took the turns at Le Mans.

His eyebrows rose. “Somehow I’d always pictured the women who worked at adoption agencies as gray-haired old maids in tacky white blouses.”

The baby stopped laughing. The woman at the window spun around.

For the first time Matt could remember, he was speechless.

Huge round brown eyes dominated...