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The Billionaire's Baby

The Billionaire's Baby

Description : The Billionaire's Baby
“Come on Sophie.” Ella called out to her friend. “We can’t miss the train. Maxwell will kill me if we do.”

“I’ming. I’ming.” Sophie grabbed her backpack and chased after her friend. “You didn’t really give me much time to get ready.” She was breathless as she ran down the path to the train tracks. She looked down at her shoe and saw her laces were untied but she didn’t dare stop to tie it up. “Don’t fall, don’t fall.” She mumbled to herself as she followed her best friend.

Sophie and Ella had been best friends for 15 years; ever since their first day at boarding school when they were 7 years old. Ella had marched up to Sophie and linked her arm through hers and that was all it had taken. They had been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately for Sophie, she was still treated like the lost little girl she had been when they first met and Ella bossed her around like nobody’s business.

“Run Sophie. Run.” Ella screamed at Sophie as she jumped onto the train, her blond hair flying. She reached her hand out to Sophie and grabbed her arm as she came running up to the train. “Jump.”

Sophie ran and jumped into the train, tripping over her shoes and falling into the carriage. She stood up as gracefully as possible and saw the other passengers in the train looking at her...