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The Billionaire's Bride for a Day

The Billionaire's Bride for a Day

Description : The Billionaire's Bride for a Day
“It’s urgent, Dane!” Maya Belmont pleaded over the phone to her nephew. “You’d bettere quick.” There was a faint tremor in the aging woman’s voice as she spoke.

“Urgent?” Dane Romano, manager of the luxurious, historic Belmont Hotel, leaned forward in his executive leather office chair. He was never the type to get excited, even over catastrophic news. While on the phone in front of hisputer, Dane sat facing an unobstructed view of the sunset on the waterfront through the floor-to-ceiling windows. His office overlooked Lake Belmont, in the town named after his paternal great-grandfather.

Belmont was a highly sought-aftermunity overlooking the shores the lake, east of Toronto, which was currently populated by affluent and self-made tycoons. He spent long hours at the office—even sleeping at the hotel in a guest suite, so having his desk face the view of the water was much-needed therapy.

“What do you mean urgent?” Dane tried to clarify in a calm, controlled tone.

“Oh, Dane, I…” she hesitated.

Earlier, Dane had seen a missed call on his cell from his father’s private phone, but when he tried to call it back, the number was constantly busy. Was his father trying to reach out to his other brothers? Just what the hell was going on?

“What’s wrong, Aunt Maya?” He was on the land-line phone with his aunt while at the same time pressing the call back on his cell phone to try to reach his old man. But to no avail. The call went straight to voicemail.

Great. Just what he needed right now. A staffing crisis at the hotel—and a family emergency. Still, family came first, even though the hotel was the family...