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The Billionaire's Desire

The Billionaire's Desire

Description : The Billionaire's Desire
"So...where's the ring?"

The conversations around us ground to a halt as the attention flickered toward the lazy drawl of Rachel Laraby’s voice. The crowd parted slightly, revealing her standing on the outskirts. Wearing that blood red dress. Eyes flecks of emerald. Mouth an angry line of barely hidden resentment.

For a moment, the silence took center stage and I almost believed that she’d said something else. Something a little less obnoxious. But this was Rachel Laraby we were talking about—and ‘obnoxious’ was damn near her middle name.

“Rachel…” Jacob began, his voice a warning she’d be wise to heed.

“That’s me,” she said sweetly, dismissing him with a patronizing grin. She took a step forward, drinking up the attention like someone that was used to all eyes being on them. That lived for it.

Tonight was our night. Me and Jacob’s. He’d just asked me to marry him for crissakes. This moment belonged to us—and she couldn't stand it.

The heat started in my cheeks and worked its way outward as the eyes that gazed at me and Jacob like we were a romantic movie unfolding right before them dropped to my hand. To my left hand. And my bare ring finger.

Just to cull the herd and remind them that the stage was hers, she repeated her question.

“Where’s the ring?” The lighthearted, nonchalant tone she’d used before was gone and in its place was an edge that reminded me of the haughty actress I’d met months ago in Venice. The glittering...