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The Billionaire's Housekeeper

The Billionaire's Housekeeper

Description : The Billionaire's Housekeeper
“There’s trouble at the Belmont Ranch Resort,” Chase Belmont told his brother, Cole. The two brothers stood at the side in one of the massive gardens at Belmont Palace. “I’ve got to be there.”

“Now?” Cole clarified, over the sound of music from the live band. “Couldn’t someone else go?” Thebination of chatter, laughter and music almost drowned them out. Chase watched his old man, Jonah Belmont III, sitting on a garden chair surrounded by his friends as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Jonah had a lovely young nurse by his side.

Chase felt ill thinking how this news would affect his father’s fragile health if he ever found out. Jonah Belmont took great pride in each of his hotels, even when he went worldwide. Every facility received the same star treatment. Currently, a rival over the land of their newest locations wanted to see them eat dirt.

“No,” Chase said sternly. “No one else can go. I need to take care of business out there or we’ll be in trouble. Something’s up. I can feel it.”

“But what about Dad, Chase? Don’t tell me you’re trying to dodge the bullet. You know what Dad said about his bucket list challenge and how serious this is for him. It’s his dying wish to see us spend his last days with him and for him to see each of us in a stable relationship with the love of our life.”

“I know, I know,” Chase said, clenching his jaw absent-mindedly. He was more annoyed than anything and not with his dying father. Talk about bad timing.

Chase knew this day wasing. His father didn’t have much time to live and wanted the boys to all at least settle down with nice...