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The Billionaire's Lost and Found Love

The Billionaire's Lost and Found Love

Description : The Billionaire's Lost and Found Love
“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

— Abraham Lincoln

“I’m cutting you out of my will, son,” Jonah Belmont, III, said to Cole. The old man sat by the stone fireplace in the study by the wall of oak bookshelves, his chin up and his lips defiantly thinned.

“You’re doing what?” Cole didn’t think he heard his father correctly. He knew his old man could play jokes on his sons once in a while, but this?

“You heard me,” Jonah assured in the midst of one of the Belmont family’s weekly meetings.

“Now, Dad, you’re not serious,” Chase chimed in to his brother’s defense.

“I am serious. I know you want toe to your brother’s aid, Chase, but I’m very serious. Look at you all. Five sons and you all know how important it is for me to fulfill my last wish that you all settle down in order to live satisfying lives with meaning. I don’t want any playboys running the Belmont Empire when I’m gone. The doctor gave me six months to a year to live and the year is almost up.”

“But you’re in stable condition, Jonah. You might very well outlive that prognosis,” his sister, Aunt Maya, said with hope. “At least Chase, Dane and Brandon are married or settled down. Leave Cole and Leo alone. They’re still young. They’ll meet the right girls when the time is right.”

“No, I will not. And they’re pushing thirty. That’s not too young. I had a multi-billion dollar empire by that age.”

“Why are you being so stubborn, Jonah?” Aunt Maya challenged,...