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The Billionaire’s Marriage Mission

The Billionaire’s Marriage Mission

Description : The Billionaire’s Marriage Mission
As the door clicked gently shut behind her the quiet sound registered with all the force of a thunderclap on Beth Marton's ears. For a second she froze, unbelieving; then she turned, gingerly pushing against the unyielding wood. Of course it didn't budge—but then it wouldn't with the latch having sprung shut.

'Oh, no, no.' Beth pushed again, harder this time, even as she told herself it was pointless. She was locked out. If she had been standing outside her flat in London that wouldn't have mattered. There were at least a couple of neighbours always around that she could have called on in the block in which the flat was situated, and one of them could have tele¬phoned her sister who had a spare key for emergencies. But this was not London...

She glanced somewhat wildly about her, vitally aware she was clad in nothing but bubblegum-pink silk pyjamas with spaghetti shoulder straps. The dark windy night was not en¬couraging. And rain was forecast.

When a cold nose nudged one hand she glanced down at the big dog who was surveying her with impatient eyes. 'I know, I know,' she muttered. 'We're out here and your dinner's in there, but it was you who insisted you needed the loo a minute ago.'

And it was her who had followed Harvey outside with the torch so she could make sure he didn't disappear into the black¬ness. Which was doubly daft in hindsight, considering he knew it was dinner time—Harvey's favourite moment of the day—and also that there was nowhere he could really go....