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The Billionaire's Secret Marriage

The Billionaire's Secret Marriage

Description : The Billionaire's Secret Marriage
“What can I do for you, father?” Dante Liakos asked as he walked into the home that had been in his family for the past two hundred years.

The older man looked up from his newspaper, his crumpled, arthritic hands gripping the newspaper instead of his fingers because of the pain. “You married yet?” he demanded. No greeting, no small talk. Just straight to the point. That’s the way these two men had been all their lives. Business ruled their world, although Jossen Liakos acknowledged that Dante was exponentially better at business in just about all respects. But this one time, Jossen knew that he was going toe out the winner.

Dante refrained from rolling his ice blue eyes. They’d had this conversation many times over the years and it was bing tedious. “Father, I’ve restored your fortune, tripled the family empire and renovated the six houses we own throughout the world.” His biting tone was brutally harsh but he rarely held back when he was impatient with an issue. “Since I took over the business, you now have more money to spend on whatever toys or mistresses you want. As I’ve mentioned before, all I ask in return is that you refrain from interfering in my personal life. I don’t want to be married,” he told his father. Not for the first time. His father had just divorced his sixth wife, the last five of them mercenary women who were out for one thing: a chunk of the Liakos fortune. And all five of them had eventually flitted back out of his father’s life with the treasure they had sought, thanks to his father’s...