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The Billionaire's Temporary Bride

The Billionaire's Temporary Bride

Description : The Billionaire's Temporary Bride
Congressman Jack Coburn watched as the blonde in a tail dress and high heels ran across his lawn. While the rest of his guests were dressed down and relaxing, she looked like she was headed to the social event of the year.

Some things never change, he thought.

Of course, his idea of dressing down was wearing a lightweight suit and forgoing his usual power tie. He laughed at himself and turned his attention to the family and friends embled outside his family's Cape Cod mansion.

"If you'll excuse me, gentlemen, my six o'clock has just arrived."

He shook a few hands, slapped a few backs and headed down to meet her.

"Callie," Jack said, "when I said I wanted to run something by you, I didn't mean you had to beat a path to the Cape."

Callie Haven was the fiancée of Jack's best friend Logan and one of the top political fixers in the country. Her energy and enthusiasm belied her great skill at defusing and preventing political crises of all kinds. While running across the lawn, she had been talking loudly into her cell phone and making emphatic gestures with her hands. She ended the call before reaching Jack and giving him a big hug. "Logan and I had been planning on crashing your party anyway. He's inside saying hi to your mother now."

"I should have known," Jack said. "It wouldn't be a Coburn family event without your fiancé appearing out of the blue."

"You're his best man," Callie said. "I'm just the one marrying him. If you asked me here for my input on the bachelor...

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