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The Billionaire's Ultimatum: His Absolute Need

The Billionaire's Ultimatum: His Absolute Need

Description : The Billionaire's Ultimatum: His Absolute Need
His Absolute Conditions

"Don't move anything out of place," the cleaning staff lead said. "Don't use non-approved equipment, don't speak unless spoken to, and don't get in the way."

This place was strict, apparently. I knew it would be tough when I started, but the pay was good and I really needed the job at the moment, even if it was only for a day. The temp agency that placed me here had seemed reluctant about offering me the job, but the staff lead said it didn't matter, that he(who was he?) wouldn't be in the office today and they just needed someone to fill the position.

That should have tipped me off to something, but I was blinded by the money. And this was at Landseer Tower, no less, one of the most high class buildings in the city, so of course they'd pay well. Still, I had to double check to make sure the figure was correct; it was more than I made in a week at most places, and this was only for today. I usually performed secretarial jobs, data entry, or anything involving paperwork, but I'd done a few cleaning jobs before. I told the woman at the temp agency I would accept it.

I should have been scared—I was scared!—but I tried to overlook it. What was the worst that could happen? The job was only for the day.

"Jessika Fevrier," the staff lead said, reading my name from a worksheet and pronouncing it wrong. "Do you have any questions?" he asked. He looked at me like I was a nuisance.

Time to lighten the mood, I thought. Not my typical strong suit, but he looked like he could use a smile,...

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