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The Billionaire's Virgin Bride

The Billionaire's Virgin Bride

Description : The Billionaire's Virgin Bride
AM I doing the right thing? And if I am, why doesn’t it feel like it? Why do I feel as though I’m teetering on the edge of a precipice?

The questions whirled in her head as they’d been doing for the last twenty-four hours, but outwardly the façade held. Anyone surveying her would see Melody Taylor, cool and collected as always and certainly not the type of woman to panic.

You asked him here because he’s the best lawyer there is and that’s what your mother needs right now. Personal issues don’t feature in this so get a grip.

The self-admonition was sharp and brought her full mouth tightening in determination as her thoughts sped on.

You’re going to show him that you’re managing just fine without him, OK? It’s easy as long as you don’t lose your nerve. You handle difficult situations every day and you can handle Zeke Russell too.

The sitting-room door opened and her mother walked in, cutting short Melody’s reverie. The look on the older woman’s pale face brought Melody hurrying to her, her voice soft but firm when she said, ‘Don’t look like that; it’ll be all right. I promise.’

‘You don’t know that, Melody.’

‘Yes, I do, and you’ve got to believe it too. It’s half the battle with something like this.’

‘Oh, darling.’ Anna Taylor touched her lips to her daughter’s...