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The Boss's Baby Affair

The Boss's Baby Affair

Description : The Boss's Baby Affair
Home meant…Jennie.

Nicholas Valentine stared at the glossy black front door and drew a deep breath. The imposing lion-head brass knocker had been one of the few touches he’d selected for the modern three-story Auckland house.

Ignoring the lion’s ferocious expression, he keyed a security code into the access pad concealed in the doorframe. The heavy door swung inward.

Pocketing the keys to his Ferrari, Nick stepped forward. Carrara marble gleamed under spotlights that illuminated a triptych of tangled forms painted on three canvases facing the front entrance. He should’ve been pleased to be home. He should’ve been elated following a week of success after several months of living on the lip of a volcano.

Instead, he was too jet-lagged to care. He wanted a shower and a bed…but first he had to see Jennie.

It wasn’t going to be afortable moment, but it had to be done, regardless of the feelings her existence aroused in him.

Nick stopped at the foot of the white-marble stairs that ascended halfway up the two-story lobby. Resisting the urge to flee into the safety of the living room, where he could take refuge in the television remote, he placed a foot on the first stair.

He hadn’t seen Jennie for almost a month.

Nick couldn’t identify whether his overwhelming response was guilt—or relief. How was it possible that he could deal with a multimillion-dollarpany, several hundred employees and a barrage of reporters without missing a beat, yet Jennie scared him witless?...